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Why do I sweat excessively?

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis of the hands, armpits or face, can have a significant impact on quality of life, to the point of generating emotional stress or even seriously altering our social life. The problem can be definitively resolved on an outpatient basis in approximately thirty minutes, with minimal discomfort.

Hyperhidrosis is defined as an excessive production of sweat at one or more levels of the body, especially in the hands and armpits. It is caused by a failure of the sympathetic nervous system, causing the body to produce more sweat than it needs in those areas of the body. Many people with this disease see their quality of life affected and feel a loss of control over it, since perspiration occurs regardless of temperature and emotional state.

This alteration usually begins in childhood or puberty and normally, if it is not treated correctly, it lasts a lifetime. People who suffer from it have difficulty for things as simple as taking their partner by the hand, writing without wetting the paper or simply shaking hands, and may even have problems to find a job. They can also have a bad smell.

The problem can be definitively resolved on an outpatient basis in approximately thirty minutes, with minimal discomfort.

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The best treatment is surgery

Normally patients with excessive sweating usually use botulinum toxin and some medications that have a temporary effect. The problem is that these treatments are expensive, have undesirable side effects, and take time without definitively solving the problem. In fact, most of the people who come to the consultation have already tried it without success and resort to surgery to achieve success.


sweat surgery interventions


Sweat surgery (sympathectomy) has been confirmed as the only definitive treatment for hyperhidrosis, and it must be performed by an experienced surgeon. It is something similar to surgery for myopia, one can put glasses or contact lenses but the definitive treatment involves going through the operating room, in a simple intervention.

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– Palmar sweating (it is the worst and most annoying as excess sweat affects the palms of the hands)
– Plantar sweating (soles of the feet)
– Armpit sweating and facial or cranial sweating. Facial flushing, which consists of excessive redness of the face, can also be successfully treated through the same surgical intervention.

The surgical operation

Sympathectomy and Reversible Surgery

Sympathectomy is an operation that is performed under general anesthesia, therefore it does not hurt. In it, the sympathetic nervous system, located inside the thorax and which has the shape of a whitish cable that runs parallel to the spine, is interrupted. An axillary incision of less than one centimeter is used; through which the area of the nerve related to sweat is sectioned with the help of a tiny video camera.

The procedure lasts less than 30 minutes and is bilateral. Discharge is performed the same day of the surgical intervention and after 48 hours you can lead a normal life. You stop sweating immediately after the end of the intervention and permanently, you do not sweat again in the affected areas.

After surgery, compensatory sweating can occur in the back, abdomen or legs. This sweating usually produces minimal discomfort that is largely compensated by stopping sweating from the hands and armpits, which is what patients want.

At present the nerve can be interrupted by means of clips, making the intervention even reversible.

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About Dr. David Saldaña Garrido

30 years of experience as a thoracic surgeon with more than 10,000 interventions performed.

Professional History

Dr. Saldaña currently operates at the Vithas Madrid- Arturo Soria and Vithas Madrid-La Milagrosa Hospitals.

Doctoral Thesis at the University of Alcalá de Henares. June 2002. Qualification: Outstanding “cum laude” Unanimity. Title of Medical Specialist in Thoracic Surgery. 1997. Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid. Master in Medical Direction and Clinical Management. National School of Health. 2007.

Acting President and Vice President of the thoracic surgeon at Neumomadrid from 2016-17. Lung Transplant Coordinator. Ramon y Cajal Hospital. 2002-2005. Professor and coordinator of Thoracic Surgery. European University of Madrid. More than 500 scientific publications, communications and book chapters.

Tutor of MIR resident doctors. Ramón y Cajal Hospital for 5 years. Training in the Thoracic Surgery Department of the Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University). Boston. Training at the Thoracic Surgery Department of Lund Hospital. Sweden. Member of the main national and international medical scientific societies. (SEPAR, SECT, ESTS, ERS, International College of Surgeons). National Award for Research in Surgery. 2000.

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Sweat Surgery Results

99% of patients undergoing sweat surgery have stated that they are fully satisfied with the results.

Approximately 40% of those affected have another family member with the same disorder, so it is frequent to operate on people from the same family, since, seeing the satisfactory results, they encourage each other.

Dr. Saldaña, popularly known as the ‘simpatic doctor’ is one of the best specialists in this intervention and has the largest case mix in the world in this type of treatment.

If his hands, armpits or face sweat excessively, or he has facial flushing, do not hesitate to contact us. He can help make that problem a thing of the past and he can enjoy a fulfilling life.

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